Menoe Grotesque was designed
in 2014–2015 by Adam Katyi
© All rights reserved.

Release date: 30th April 2015

Pro: 960, Standard: 485
glyphs per font

Weights and Styles

Menoe Grotesque is available
in Regular and Italic styles,
in: Standard and Pro character sets

Download the pdf specimen:

Language Support

Pro: 86 languages
Standard: 80 languages

Basic Latin


Menoe is available for Desktop licence: in OpenType Postscript Format,
for Web licence in Web Open Font Format and Embedded OpenType formats. (please email us)

Proportion, 10 Pitch font

Also comes in italic style

Уикипедия, свободната

Първата реална идея за

ελεύθερη εγκυκλοπαίδεια

αρχές της γραφομηχανής

About Menoe

Menoe Grotesque typeface was inspired by an old Continental typewriter. I analised the serif typeface in this machine and drew my own sans serif version, keeping in mind the typewriter traditions. This typeface is a 10 Pitch font:if you set 10 letters in 12 Points size, it will be 10 Pitch (1 inch) wide. Menoe Grotesque is a monospaced typeface, all the characters are in same bounding box width. Perfect for programming or setting text in columns. (please use Metrics kerning in InDesign)
Supporting languages is a really important question for us. Up to latin, we support greek and cyrillic scripts, all together 86 different languages. (Greek and Cyrillic scripts are available only in the Pro fonts.)

OpenType Features

Alternative characters in 3 different sets, Hybrid figures, Basic superiors and fractions, up to the basic ligatures Menoe contains ll, ii, il, li and smiley ligatures too, dutch localised ij and ij acute ligatures, Romanian and Turkish variations, Case sensitive forms, Ordinals, Small capitals, all small capitals (also for cyrillic and greek scripts)

Default characters
Stylistic sets 01 & 03
Stylistic set 02
Default characters
Default figures
Hybrid figures
Superiors and fractions
Default characters
ll, il, ligatures
li, ii ligatures
Default characters
Smiley ligatures
fi and ellipsis
Default characters
Dutch ij ligature
Dutch íj ligature
Default characters
Default characters
Case sensitive forms
Default characters
Small capitals (Pro)
All small caps (Pro)
Default cyrillic (Pro)
Cyrillic small capitals (Pro)
Cyrillic all small caps (Pro)
Default cyrillic (Pro)
Bulgarian cyrillic (Pro)
Bulgarian cyrillic small caps (Pro)
Default greek characters (Pro)
Greek small capitals (Pro)
Greek all small caps (Pro)

Character set:

(Blue characters are available only in the Pro set.)

Buying options

Menoe Grotesque is available for download in different packages. If you purchase a family package (regular and italic styles) you save 25%.
Read more about the payment options here.

The standard fonts support the Basic Latin, West-European, Central-European, Baltic, Romanian and Turkish languages. In these fonts you will find the different stylistics alternates, hybrid and lining figures, basic superiors and fractions, ligatures, romanian and turkish localised alternates, case sensitive forms and the ordinals.

The Pro fonts, up to the standard sets, support Greek and Cyrillic scripts too.
And small caps, caps to small caps features.

A family package: Menoe Grotesque Regular and Menoe Grotesque Italic.


Single licence:
Independent person working alone.
Installation of the font file on one desktop computer and one laptop only.
1 domain, maximum 50.000 page views per month

Small licence:
Installation of the font file on up to 5 computers in the same workplace.
1 domain, maximum 500.000 page views per month

Medium licence:
Installation of the font file on up to 15 computers in the same workplace.
1 domain, maximum 5.000.000 page views per month

Large licence:
Installation of the font file on up to 50 computers in the same workplace.
1 domain, maximum 50.000.000 page views per month

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