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About Infinity Icon Set

This pictogram-dingbat font was created for the branding identity of the 'To the infinity and beyond' exhibition.
The lowercase and capital latin letters are the main space icons:spaceships, satellites and other unified flying objects, Moon- and Mars-cars, space characters and planetariums.
You can find the whole solar system, when you start typing the numbers. They are in the right order from zero (= Sun) to eight (= Neptune) and the nine is the poor Pluto, who is not the part of the Solar Sytem since 2006, (this planet was my favourite).
Just start typing the punctuations and you will get shooting stars in different styles, there are the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor too.


Updated spaceships
satellites and asteroids
SolarSystem planets

Language Support

Solar System,
especially: Earth, Moon, Mars;


Infinity Icon Set was designed in 2013
by Adam Katyi, Hungarumlaut.
© All rights reserved.
Release: 12. 2013

Buying options

The icon set is availabe on request.
Please drop me a mail.

Furthermore the font contains some basic pictograms and dingbats, which do have unicodes, for example the upper blade scissors, anchor, or a map symbol for lighthouse. And instead of Car Sliding (= icy road) I designed a Spaceship Sliding (= slippery milkyway). There are included a lot of different arrows, clock icons and geometric symbols too.
The font is monospace, so you can create easily your own space story. (see on the animation above) And the best thing, that you can download for free the whole Infinity Space Icon set! I'm planning to draw more characters, for an updated version please visit us in the near future.